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The West Coast Has the Sunshine

Not much new on the photography front other than some great photography related Christmas gifts - a gift certificate for a class and some rare photography books.  AND San Francisco!  Lots of pictures but here arew a few of my favorites…

Alley in Chinatown:

Bird & fog:

View of a boat from Alcatraz:

View of Alcatraz from a boat:

Vineyard in Sonoma:

Pretty houses/Jimi Hendrix:

Japanese Tea Garden:


Buena Vista:

This is a not very good picture of a picture…and the ORIGINAL picture was from a phone (as discussed in an earlier post) but I recently put a picture on canvas through Canvas on Demand and I thought it turned out really well (my dad said I could sell it at Navy Pier…uhh…).  And I feel honored that it is pretty much the only thing on the wall of this person’s apartment.  I’m going to pretend that I didn’t force this picture on them so I can hold on to that feeling.

Urban Jungle


This weekend I went on a “Photo Safari” (chicagophotosafaris.com) and for the most part just reinforced some things I already knew.  What I didn’t know was the intensity with which Canon owners dislike Nikon owners.  Sheesh.

On this safari I saw a large number of the rare breed of humans who enjoy running.  I could spot them a mile away with their hot bodies and shorty shorts.

I also took pictures of the tourist mecca - Millennium park.  It was unseasonably warm and I almost went blind trying to take pictures of the reflective bean.  It was fun.  Next weekend - Starved Rock!

Here’s a few of the safari pictures.  Criticism welcome.

Low aperture:

High aperture:

Low again:


My attempt at panning:

Picture pages, picture pages

I have that song stuck in my head.

I haven’t taken any pictures in a while as I decided I should try to actually learn how to use my camera instead of continuing to abuse it.  This has consisted of reading library books and watching numerous videos from one 17 year old male living in what appears to be Indiana.  He is trying to coach his fellow yearbook staffers via youtube on how to use the Nikon D5000.  A bunch of yearbookers…and me.  Needless to say, I’m more confused than ever. 

In the meantime, I’ve been taking some random pictures with my ipone.  YES, an iphone!  I know!  Hello 2007! This morning I rode my bike to work and had to stop to take this picture:

Kind of pretty for a cell phone picture, n’est-ce pas? Then, instead of doing various other things I should be tonight I decided to edit it:


I kicked up the colors to an unnaturally ridiculous level, but I like it. 

And black and white: 

That’s all.  This weekend I’m going on a “photo safari”.  Should be wild.

John S Lens, Ina’s 1969 Film, No Flash, Taken with Hipstamatic

John S Lens, Ina’s 1969 Film, No Flash, Taken with Hipstamatic

This Baby Knows Something I Don’t

Last weekend I took pictures of a really cute baby to commemorate her 9 months on earth.  A baby belonging to a good friend of mine.  I’ve always wanted to know a prodigy child and I think she might be it - she has been looking at me like I’m crazy since she was about a week old.  And she’s really cute.

These are some I liked.

I thought your sister was the comedian

I get that a lot.  Yes she’s a comedian…but I’m funny.

She was recently doing a show at Zanies and needed some headshot-ish pictures - quick.  Pictures with human beings aren’t something I’m good at but I’d love to learn.  Here are a few I liked.

Oh and the lighting/editing is very half-a*sed here…I was experimenting with Elements and I got tired!

Idiot’s Guide to Photography

I was in Galena for about 20 hours this week but it was enough time to have the best martini I’ve ever had (to be fair I don’t drink martinis), visit an awesome “secret” garden, meander and do some wine tasting.  Oh and also to decide that I officially hate B&Bs. Stateside anyway. 

I took a ton of pictures but most of them are crap.  I’m no good at taking pictures of greenery (flowers, etc) - it always looks way better in real life than it does in my pictures.  So here are just a few.

Oh and the b&b owner busted me - I left my “Idiot’s Guide to Photography” in the room.

Passenger Side

Over the past couple of days I spent several hours in the passenger side of a car, driving through western Illinois.  I saw a lot of things I wanted to stop and take pictures of, but instead I attempted to capture them through a layer of glass, in a moving car.  I wasn’t expecting much but I actually rather like them.  Et vous?

Artists of the Wall

Every year on Father’s Day weekend the benches at the beach are painted.  Last year’s designs are painted over with white paint and the benches are split up into spaces which can be purchased and filled with your own design.  This is just a few pictures from that day.  Because I think it’s cool.


Some pictures of things that are reflective - windows, mirrors, puddles

Say I’m the only bee in your bonnet

Apartment Therapy

A few months ago I applied to be the Chicago blogger for one of my favorite websites - Apartment Therapy (apartmenttherapy.com).  The application entailed finding someone with an awesome place (check), taking pictures (check), doing a write-up (check) and selling them on how nerdy I am (double check).
I didn’t get the gig (check) but just completing the application was a lot of fun.  I love seeing how someone’s personality comes through in their surroundings, hearing about where all of the different pieces that make a home came from and how they all came together.
This post is a bit of a sham.  I took these pictures before starting this blog and they weren’t taken with my new camera.  I don’t think these pictures are even anything that I should be showing anyone.  However, I love the home and I have a TON of pictures on my hard drive so thought I’d share.
Plus I know I need to keep all my readers intrigued.  Right everyone..?

[Pictures posted with permission from the homeowners]

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